Data Protection and Privacy (DPDP) Compliance


At Indigital Technologies LLP, we are committed to ensuring the utmost privacy and protection of your personal data in compliance with the Government of India's Data Protection and Privacy (DPDP) Act. This page outlines our adherence to the key aspects of the DPDP Act, highlighting the measures we take to safeguard your data and the rights you have as a data principal.

For Data Fiduciaries

As a data fiduciary, we adhere to the following principles:

  • 1. Consent and Purpose
    • Explicit Consent: We obtain explicit consent from individuals before collecting or processing their personal data.

      Purpose Limitation: Data is used solely for the specified purpose for which it was collected based on your consent.

      Minimization: We collect only the necessary amount of personal data needed to serve the specified purpose.

      Erasure: Personal data is erased when it is no longer needed or upon withdrawal of consent.

  • 2. Data Processing
    • Data Localization: Sensitive personal information, such as biometrics and financial data, is stored within Indian territory.

      Time to Live: Data is stored only as long as it is needed for the specified purpose and is securely erased thereafter.

      Data Security: We ensure robust security measures for data in transit and at rest, supported by our security certifications and AWS security protocols.

  • 3. Law and Legal Obligations
    • Breaches: We implement safeguards to prevent data breaches and promptly notify affected individuals and the Data Protection Board in case of any breach.

      Grievance Redressal: We have a dedicated officer to respond to queries and handle grievances related to data privacy.

For Data Principals

As a data principal, you have the following rights:

  • 1. Access Information

    You have the right to access information about the personal data we process. For access requests, please contact us at

  • 2. Correction and Erasure

    You have the right to request correction or erasure of your personal data. To initiate this process, reach out to us at

  • 3. Grievance Redressal

    You have the right to file grievances related to data privacy. Our dedicated officer is available to address your concerns and ensure your rights are protected.

  • 4. Nomination

    You have the right to nominate a person to exercise your rights in case of death or incapacity.

Contact Us

For any inquiries or to exercise your rights under the DPDP Act, please contact our support team at