Behaviour setting for doctors while treating Diabetes
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The Kribado is the next generation risk stratification and behaviour setting device for Healthcare Practitioners (HCP) and Healthcare companies.


Diabetes & CAD


FACT Movement (First line screening of Asymptomatic Coronary artery disease in T2DM)


Globally CVD affects appx 32% of Diabetes (T2DM) patients, which is a major cause of morbidity accounting for half of the total deaths with Diabetes. CVD patients who die from coronary heart disease are often asymptomatic. It is a major challenge to calculate and implement risk scores (like ASCVD, CAD, Heart Age) in a busy clinic environment. Doctors don’t have the time to calculate them, while risks score reporting is essential for identifying high risk patients who need more careful monitoring by their doctors


Risk score calculation is a tedious job. The burden of calculating these scores falls on doctors. If the risk scores are overlooked at any stage of care, early diagnosis and treatment such as lifestyle modifications and medications will be delayed. So, how can we help doctors to early identify high risk patients and set a healthy habit of pre-screening all diabetes patients?


FACT Movement! Empower doctor’s staff to identify ASCVD risk of patients in the waiting area with the help of Kribado.


This initiative brought a paradigm shift in CAD screening of a Diabetes patient. In a short span of 3 months, 30,000 patients were screened saving hundreds of lives indirectly.
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