Making Indian Women Thyroid Aware
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It designed with the goal of improving patient health literacy and to educate and monitor their own progress.




WiFi Thyroid Clinics


Thyroid symptoms are silent & generally ignored. Indian women are 3 times more prone to thyroid. So, how to make Indian women thyroid aware?


Simple! Convert a doctor's clinic into WiFi Thyroid Clinic sharing curated patient education on Thyroid disorder and its management


Converted 252 endocrinologist's clinics into WiFi Thyroid Clinics with the help of Kanopi


This initiative has helped convert "waiting time" in doctor's chambers to "awareness building time" using internet less WiFi technology - Kanopi. This was launched in 252 endocrinologist's clinics during World Thyroid Day & has reached out to 85,000 patients in 6 month's time with 330 view/downloads per clinic.


WiFi Thyroid Clinic has been honored as the most valuable patient initiative at EyeforPharma award 2017, one of the most prestigious awards in healthcare. Eye for Pharma Judge's Comment: "This out of the box thinking flows from the belief ‘if they don’t come to us, we’ll go to them’. A true win/win/win for all involved." Jill Donahue, Author, EngageRx
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