The Age of Screenagers

The Age of Screenagers…

While going through websites, searching The Digital Age, Pharma Digital Penetration in India, found this amazing word: Screenager. This simply means Teenagers using screens (Mobile / Laptop / Tablets…)
Believe it or not… India is on the top of chart with the number of “Screenagers” in the BRIC countries and probably even in the world, with 75% population below 35 years of the age (& off-course 81% of India uses a mobile phone)
This data reinforces the strong Digital future of the country. Probably right move by the government with ‪#‎Digitalindia‬ Initiative, by taking lead & making these Screenagers employable.
It’s time to get In-Digital ‪‪#Indigital‬. When it comes to health, the digital medium is going to be even more important with social media penetration & health information being available on public domain.
If you are a pharma-marketer, It’s time to take your strategies digital. Stay tuned for further update.
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