Wifi Clinic Wins Eye for Pharma Award
WiFi Thyroid Clinic (Abbott) receives prestigious “eye for pharma 2017” most valuable patient initiative award. We are proud to get associated with it.
It feels really great when your indigenous grown idea gets a global recognition.
Early in 2015, when Indigital was seeded with an Idea of bringing disruptive technology for healthcare to break a stereotype, conventional model & help people lead healthier lives, nobody had imagined the scale and success it would achieve in such a short span of time.
Wi-Fi Clinic (Trade name: Kanopi) is our patent pending technology, which is aimed to make patient education more intuitive and interactive learning experience. In a data conscious country like India, the device provides information over Wi-Fi without internet. Patients in waiting area can browse all the content on their mobile simply by connecting to Wi-Fi and view / download information on their tip of figure and carry home too.
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